What is Sun Flexilink? – An Affordable VUL Plan

Sun Flexilink - Sun Life Financial

One of the most common comments I get from VUL (variable unit-linked) policies is that they are expensive. Well, some are, but not all. Let me introduce you to Sun Flexilink, an affordable VUL plan with life insurance and investment.

Perfect for budget-conscious but forward-looking Filipinos, the Sun Flexilink provides an easy way for you to get the financial security and peace of mind we all strive to achieve. The Sun Flexilink offers life insurance coverage until age 88. It also comes with an investment in the form of mutual funds, a cash fund that is invested between bonds or stocks based on your choice. You can let its investment fund grow over time, which you can later on use for your retirement fund.


Sun Flexilink is perfect for young professionals who are starting to build their investment portfolio and would like to avail a policy that doesn’t only offer income protection but also living benefits. As stated earlier, Sun Flexilink comes with an investment which the policyholder can later on use for his or her retirement. He/She can also use these funds to later on travel or start a business.

This plan is also ideal for people who are starting their own family and would want to build a college fund for their young children. It is also a great financial tool that can serve as income protection for you and your family.

Aside from that, Flexilink has several other benefits apart from life insurance coverage and investment. It also offers hospital income benefit, accidental benefit, disability benefit, and critical illness benefit — all of which you can use to avoid spending all of your savings if ever you got involved in a major accident or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.


  • Ensuring future income
  • Saving for life milestones
  • Building an educational fund
  • Growing a retirement fund


Life Insurance Coverage

Secure the future of your loved ones with its guaranteed life insurance benefit, equivalent to your plan’s Face Amount. The amount will be given to your family in the event of untimely demise. This way they can still continue to thrive and live their dreams, knowing you have secured their future.

You may also add other supplemental benefits to provide additional protection for unexpected events like accident, disability, or illnesses.

Flexible Investment Options

You can choose among various investment fund options for your investment objectives. These funds include bond, equity, balanced, index, growth, and many more.

Professional Fund Management

Your investment funds are handled by Sun Life’s professional fund managers who have years of experience and expertise.

Funds for Future Needs

You can use Sun Flexilink to build funds for your child’s education, a comfortable retirement, or for an important life milestone. Partial fund withdrawal is also allowed to assist your financial needs anytime.

Manageable Premium Payments

This plan allows you to increase your fund’s value anytime by adding amount through its top-ups or excess payments on top of your regular premiums.

Loyalty Bonus

By keeping your policy active for 10 years, Sun Life Financial will give you rewards in the form of Loyalty Bonus. You can use this bonus as an additional source of fund to increase your investment and help you achieve your dreams faster.


To let you further understand the coverage and benefits of this plan, I will share a sample proposal of Sun Flexilink I made for myself.

Erika Celario, 27 years old, Female, Non-Smoker

Choice of Fund: Index Fund

Yearly Premium: ₱ 33,000

Semi-Annually:  ₱ 16,500

Quarterly:           ₱ 8,250

Monthly:             ₱ 2,750

Daily:                   ₱ 91.66

Life Insurance Coverage: ₱ 1,000,000 Million Pesos


This is the guaranteed lump sum amount my beneficiaries will receive from Sun Life Financial if I die unexpectedly. My family can use this amount to sustain their daily living expenses and continue living on even without me in the picture.

Total Disability of Benefit (TDB): Waiver of Premiums

disablement benefits

This is an additional benefit that will waive my future premiums if I unexpectedly get permanently and totally disabled due to sickness or accident. It will be the one paying my plan even though I can no longer pay for the premiums due if ever I faced the said condition.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Disablement Benefit (ADDDB): ₱ 1,000,000 Million Pesos

Accidental Death Benefit –  This is another additional benefit you can add to your plan. If I die due to an accident, my beneficiaries will get this amount together with my life insurance coverage of ₱1 million. This means that the total lump sum amount they will get is ₱2 million if ever I die in an accident. You can also avail this benefit alone without the dismemberment and disablement benefit if you want, although we don’t really recommend that for most of our clients.

Dismemberment Benefit –  If I survived the accident but lost a part of my body, Sun Life Financial will give me a corresponding percentage of my ADDDB coverage depending on the body part I lost. For example, if I lost one of my eyesight, I will automatically receive ₱ 500,000.

Disablement Benefit –  But what if I survived and instead became disabled? Then this benefit will provide me with ₱ 100,000 every year for the next 10 years for a total of ₱ 1 million in benefits.

Hospital Income Benefit: ₱ 1000 pesos per day

hospital income benefit

This another benefit is an amount I can get if I get confined in the hospital and serve as a daily income replacement. I can avail this benefit for a maximum of 1000 days, or a total of ₱ 1,000,000. The daily amount I can get will automatically be double or become ₱ 2,000 if I get confined in the ICU or hospitalized due to the following dreaded disease:

  • acute heart attack
  • chronic liver disease
  • dissecting aortic aneurysm
  • end-stage lung disease
  • end-stage renal disease
  • invasive cancer
  • multiple sclerosis
  • major organ transplant
  • progressive muscular atrophy
  • poliomyelitis
  • stroke

Critical Illness Benefit: ₱ 1,000,000 Million Pesos

Critical Illness Benefit

Medical treatment in the Philippines is costly and can drain all of your lifetime savings. This benefit can save you from that dilemma. If ever you get diagnosed with one of the critical illness listed below, you will receive its ₱1,000,000 million coverage to aid you with your medical expenses.


For this sample proposal, I’ve chosen an index fund with an average historical return of 10% per annum. The index fund invests in top listed companies in the Philippines like SM and Ayala.

In this fund, I have a projected fund value of ₱ 4,481,336 by the time I reached 65 years old. That means I can retire a millionaire with my plan alone. With that amount, I can rest assured that I’ll be able to fend off myself in my retirement days without asking money for my children, allowing them to build their finances as early as possible so, like me, they can also attain financial freedom at a young age like what I always dreamed of.


If you are interested to know more about Sun Flexilink and how much it costs for your age, you can request a proposal from us for FREE or set an appointment with us by reaching us through email (imp@moneytalkph.com) or via phone (09179698062).

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