Sun Maxilink Bright – Build Your Kid’s Educational Fund

All parents dream of sending their children to college in top universities like Ateneo, La Salle, and UP. But did you know that the tuition fee in these universities increases by up to 12% every year in the Philippines? So just imagine, an annual tuition fee of Php 150,000 today might actually cost more than Php 1 million after 15 years.

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I know it can be overwhelming, but that is the same reason why, as financial advisors, we always suggest our clients to start saving up for their children’s educational fund as early as possible.

An educational fund is different from an educational plan. An educational plan is a pre-need product that pays a guaranteed amount as soon as the kid turns at a certain age. However, after what happened to CAP and Pacific Plans, educational plans began to lose their market, and educational funds were then introduced. Educational fund, on the other hand, refers to a cash fund made by the parents by investing their money on a regular basis in financial products.

So how can you start building your child’s educational fund?

Let me introduce you to Sun Maxilink Bright, an investment-linked insurance plan designed to help parents prepare for their child’s education needs. It offers investment options that will allow your money to grow over time, enabling you to build a child’s educational fund for at least 5 years. It also gives you an option to add more to what you have initially saved to increase its growth potential, so you can be sure that it can meet your child’s school expenses in the future.


If you’re a parent who wants to start now and save ahead for your child’s educational fund, then this is the perfect VUL plan for you. It doesn’t only secure your child and spouse’s future with its guaranteed life insurance benefit, but also allows you to grow the fund your saving for your child’s education and beat inflation by investing it into stock funds like bond, balanced, equity, or index. You can also customize your plan by adding supplemental benefits like Waiver of Payments upon Disability and Accidental Death Benefit.

Aside from building another educational fund, Sun Maxilink Bright is also designed for people who want a shorter term of payment for their plan with its 5-years-to-pay condition. You can, later on, used its cash values to fund your retirement or use it for your future goals like buying a house or starting your own business.


  • Ensuring future income
  • Building an education fund
  • Growing a retirement fund
  • Saving for life milestones


Life Insurance Coverage

Maxilink Bright comes with guaranteed life insurance benefit that is equivalent to at least twice your plan’s Face Amount. This lump sum amount will go automatically to your family in case of your untimely departure. You can also add supplemental benefits such as critical illness benefit, total disability benefit, and accidental death benefit.  

Flexible Investment Options

Grow your funds by choosing among the several investment options that can address different investment objectives.

Professional Fund Management

Sun Life has a team of professional fund managers with years of experience and expertise in their field, so you can be confident that your investments are carefully handled.

Funds for Future Needs

Use Maxilink Bright to build funds for your child’s education, a comfortable retirement, or for an important life milestone. You can also partially withdraw your funds if ever there is an emergency.

Manageable Premium Payment

Pay for at least 5 years or choose to increase your fund’s value through top-ups and excess premium payments on top of your regular premium.


Let’s create a sample proposal for you to further understand the benefits you can get from Sun Maxilink Bright.

Maria Santos, a female OFW, age 40 with a budget of Php 50,000 a year would like to apply for a Maxilink Bright plan for his son’s college fund.

  • Total Investment: Php 250,000 (Annual Premium x 5 Year Payment Term)
  • Annual Premium: Php 50,000
  • Semi-Annual: Php 25,000
  • Quarterly: Php 12,500
  • Monthly: Php 4,167
  • Daily: Php 139

With this amount, Maria Santos will be able to get the following benefits:

Life Insurance Coverage – Php 600,000


This is the total lump sum amount that the family of Maria Santos will receive from Sun Life in case of her death. His son can use this amount to sustain his needs and continue pursuing his dreams.

Total Disability of Benefit (TDB): Waiver of Premiums

If ever Maria Santos got into an accident or have acquired an illness that caused her to become disabled, this benefit will waive all of her future premiums, so her insurance policy remains intact.

Accidental Death Benefit – Php 300,000

In case, Maria Santos died of an accident, an additional Php 300,000 will be added to her life insurance coverage. This means that her beneficiaries will instead get a lump sum amount of Php 900,000.

Investments  – Php 434,000 (at 10% projected fund value)

Let’s say 10 years have passed, and Maria’s son John is finally going to college. Her Sun Maxilink Bright, by that time, would have a fund value ranging from P374,000 (8% projected growth per annum) to P434,000 (10% projected growth per annum). She can withdraw this amount to use on John’s enrollment fee.

But what if John passed his entrance exam and became a scholar? Well, lucky Maria, because she can instead use the money for her retirement. She can let it grow and wait for another ten years when the fund value can grow ranging from P778,000 (8% projected growth per annum) to P1.09 Million (10% projected growth per annum).  That means at the age of 60, Maria can retire as a millionaire.


Start saving for your child’s brighter future with Sun Maxilink Bright! If you are interested to know more about this plan and how much it costs, you can request a proposal from us for FREE or set an appointment with us by reaching us through email ( or via phone (09179698062).

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