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adulting money tips

For those who were born from 1989 to 1995 like me, we are on the point of our lives called adulting. From paying bills to cooking your own meal and living independently, we start to get an on-hand experience of what the world truly is. And this includes handling our finances and budgeting our salary so we can live through the next payday.

To you who might be reading this, and is quite having trouble with your finances. Be aware that you are not alone. And while it may not be easy right now, you’ll get a hold of it later on. Just be reminded that you have to be responsible for how you handle your money. Study and do your research, stick to your budget, and learn a few things about managing your finances from these tips from one of my favorite bloggers,  Joena Sandiego.

Adulting Tip #1

“May pambili naman. Mas pinili lang magtipid. It’s not always live for the moment mindset, especially in handling your finances.”

Adulting Tip #2

“Payday is a rewarding day pero hindi ka dapat one day billionaire. Even those who are wealthy know the difference between what they truly need from things that they only want. Learn to say no to yourself. Okay na yung ice cream sa 7/11 as a reward.”

Adulting Tip #3

“Hindi lahat ng sale, practical. Bibili ka ng 50% sale na shoes pero wala naman sa budget. Impulsive buying is a shortcut way to the death of your planned budget. Marami pang sale sa mundo, easy ka lang.”

Adulting Tip #4

“Be the gumagana pa naman kaya pa yan in a world full of palitan na yan. Hindi dahil may bagong upgrade, palit agad. It’s not about being updated but being satisfied with what you have. Gumagana pa naman, bakit papalitan? Dagdag na lang natin sa savings.

Adulting Tip #5

“If I saw a dress on sale for only 500, when it’s original price is 750, I did not save 250. Rather, I could’ve saved my entire 500 if I learn how to ask myself first, do I need this or not?

Adulting Tip #6

“On your payday, budget muna before you spend. Spending without direction leads to budget destruction. Wag papadala sa emotions. Learn to control yourself. There are victories in your delays.”

Source: Twitter @joenasandiego


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