10 Jobs that Need Life Insurance the Most

High-Risk Job

Most Filipinos see life and health insurance as expenses rather than assets, without even knowing the benefits it has. This is why most Filipinos still ask the question, “Kailangan ko ba ng insurance?”

Well, yes!

You see, insurance acts as a safety net for you and your family in case anything happens to you. This acts as an income replacement fund that can provide aid for you and your family when facing life uncertainties like critical illness, disability, accident, and even death. This is very important especially for people who have high-risk jobs such as the following:


Working on unfinished structures have a higher risk of injuries or accidents. Industrial wastes are also very common in this industry.


Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners are exposed to various illnesses especially if dealing with patients with communicable diseases.


Police and soldiers risk their lives every day to make us citizens feel safe. Insurance can give them peace of mind while doing their best to fight crimes and protect our country.


Life insurance can help business owners ensure their company will run smoothly whatever the future may bring. A lump sum amount can provide income benefits to their family and their employees.


Did you know that sitting all day can increase the chances of heart disease by 125%? Lack of physical activities could also lead to obesity, high-blood, diabetes, and other related illnesses. So if you think you don’t need life insurance by just working on the office all day, then you might want to reconsider things.


The length of their day usually depends on the case that they handle — the multiple lawsuits they are assigned to, the longer their day is. That’s why some lawyers have sleeping quarters in their office.


Stress and lack of sleep can have harmful effects on your health especially if you work during the graveyard shift. The lack of physical activity can also add up to this, so might as well make sure that you have a life and health insurance ready.


Being on call for emergencies can be very stressful. Firefighters are likely to be deprived of sleep and good eating habits.


Seafarers sailors/seamen or navy men are prone to fatigue which can lead to different complications and increase the risk of suffering from ailments.


Most freelancers do not have a company health plan or HMOs, as well as other government benefits like SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth.

Source: moneymonkeys.net


Insurance is built for everyone, not just people who have high-risk jobs. If anyone depends on you and your income, then that’s the first sign that you need to have insurance to protect you and your loved ones from life’s uncertainties.

If you want to start the way you think about life insurance and would want to know more about its benefits and how it can change your life, don’t hesitate to contact me at erikaeugenie.y.celario@sunlife.com.ph or via phone at 09194872581.

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